Curriculum vitae (english)

1971 born in Berlin, studied composition and music theory at the University of the Arts Berlin with Walter Zimmermann; his compositions were performed since 1990 in Berlin, Vienna, Bayreuth, New York, Venice, Zurich, Darmstadt and Donaueschingen and broadcasted by Deutschlandradio and Hessischer Rundfunk; his essays on music are published in the periodicals “hochroth” and “KunstMusik”

1992-2004 Teacher training in music and philosophy at the University of the Arts as well as German studies at the Humboldt University and the Freie Universität in Berlin with piano as main instrument with Linde Großmann. Graduated with First State Examination as a teacher at a grammar school with the subjects music and German (written homework in musicology with Elmar Budde on Luigi Nono’s “Caminantes…. Ayacucho”).

2007 Trainee teacher for the subjects music and German at the Hermann-Hesse-Gymnasium in Berlin

2007-2019 freelance composer, author and piano teacher

August 2019- December 2020 Trainee teacher for the subjects Music and German at the Heinz-Berggruen- and Gottfried-Keller-Gymnasium

Awards and scholarships

1990 and 92 Awards in the national competition “Schüler komponieren” of the “Jeunesse musicale”.

2003 2nd prize in the competition for coloured light music of the Zurich University of Music and Theatre for the ensemble piece Das Gedächtnis der Farben (The Memory of Colours) (DVD at the label Arts Adventure, Zurich 2009)

2004 Scholarship Award of the International Summer Courses for New Music Darmstadt

April 08-March 09 Scholarship of the German Federal Cultural Foundation for the composition of the ensemble piece Im Aufschlagen des Blickes for koto, tenor recorder, clarinet, baroque harp, violin, viola and viola da gamba

April-October 2012, January-March 2013 Artist Exchange Grant from the State of Berlin for a working residency at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris.

Projects, performances, publishing

2005-06 Participation in the intercultural project “Global Interplay” of the ISCM and “Music of the Centuries” with composers from Accra, Beijing, Shanghai, Berlin, Cairo and New York; at the New York conference lecture of an essay on correspondences between traditional Japanese and European modern music and premiere of sawari for solo violin at the Goethe Institute, New York

August 2006 first performance of the ensemble piece le moment de joie under the direction of Lucas Vis in the Prize Winners’ Forum as well as the site specific composition Schattenspiel for baroque violin and reed sounds in the “…phonien” workshop at the Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music.

September 2006 Performance of the ensemble piece Glasstück at the Zurich University of Music and Theatre under the direction of Marc Kissoczy.

October 2008 Performance of Glasstück by musicians of the Ensemble-modern-Akademie in the “Next Generation” programme of the Donaueschingen Music Festival

November 2009 first performance of tre giorni for Renaissance flute at the Venice Art Biennale

January 2012 lecture at the Carl-von-Ossietzky-University Oldenburg

August 2012 Performance of le camere tacite for koto solo, a composition in interdisciplinary relation to a sculpture by Salomé Chkheidze and Dominik Mohs, Skulpturengarten der Darmstädter Sezession.

October 2012 Publication of the essay Versuch über eine Möglichkeit interkulturellen Komponierens in the periodical „Hochroth“

June 2013 Performance of Faltung for transverse flute, baroque violin and violoncello at the festival Crescendo as the conclusion of a project on intonation and historical tuning systems.

September 2013 Participation in the composers’ workshop of the Asian Art Ensemble at the Akademie der Künste Berlin

March 2014 Performance of sawari at the “Alte Schmiede”, Vienna

March 2014 World premiere of the quartet for two violins, viola and cello at the French Embassy in Vienna

August 2014 Participation in the Atlas Academy at the Amsterdam Conservatory with Andere for Shô, Erhu, Guzheng, Violin, Viola and Violoncello

October 2014 first performance of Schwärze for Daegeum, Janggu, Kayageum, violin, viola and violoncello by the Asian Art Ensemble at the Konzerthaus Berlin

December 2014 Publication of the essay Le ton retrouvé in the periodical KunstMusik

August 2016 Participation in the ‘Atlas Laboratory’ of the Amsterdam Conservatory with “fading for shakuhachi, shô, pipa, erhu, guqín, harp, violin, viola and violoncello”

April 2018 Organisation of the musical contribution to the symposium “Europe’s Dream of the Other” at the Art History Institute of the Free University of Berlin with classical Chinese music for guqin and new music for koto

Publications of texts

after 1996 publication of individual poems in anthologies of the Neue Gesellschaft für Literatur as well as in: Ich Oder ja. Anthology/ Antologia. (Polish and German), edited by Karla Reimert and Alexander Gumz, 2002

1997 Story Großmutter in the anthology >Komma<, Faden Verlag Berlin

2012 Essay Versuch über eine Möglichkeit interkulturellen Komponierens in the literary magazine “Hochroth”.

2014 Short prose text Halt auf freier Strecke in “Hochroth”.

December 2014 Publication of the essay Le ton retrouvé in the music journal KunstMusik

January 2015 Essay Außerhalb der Welt on the question of how musical structures can take on meaning, in: “Triëdere. Journal for Theory and Art”, Vienna